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Here is my free gift for you today.


I’m giving you one of my viral articles that I wrote about how to create subjectlines that people look forward to opening to use as a traffic generator.


You can post it in as many articles directories as you would like as long as you do not change the content of the article.


Although I wouldn’t suggest because with my style of writing it might not make it past their screeners. They tend to not prefer the short choppy sentences. They want more of the type of writing that you were taught in school.

And that’s not my style of writing. I’m a direct response writer not a school teacher.

So it is what it is….See, there I go again..



But it will work in most of the other sites.





How To Create Subjectlines That Actually Get Open And Read.

by Keir Smith

Okay, so you’ve got an opt in list and a great product that you think your list members would benefit from.

Now what?

You need to package it up and make an offer to them right?

So you put together what you think is the perfect offer. Put it in your autoresponder, then click the send button.

Next a week goes by and there isn’t any response from your mailing.

A quick check of your stats for the week confirms that.

What gives?

More than likely, it’s probably your headline that’s the blame.

Your headline didn’t hook em, it didn’t dig deep into the mind of your prospect.

That’s what you want your headline to do. To hook your prospect with a promise. That’s it. You want your prospect to feel like it’s really important that they read your email now instead of later. If they get a chance to put if off until later, then you can kiss your sale goodbye.

However, we’re going to briefly cover 5 ways to get your email subject lines read and opened.

They’re 5 subject lines that your prospects like to see in their email boxes, and are most likely to open.

They are:

Subject line 1. Learn how to solve his problems.

If your product or service can solve a problem that your prospect is having, then lead off with it. Say it right up front. In your headline, and again in your opening. Let your prospect know that you can solve their problem with whatever it is that your offering.

For example, I once wrote a headline that said how to get your emails opened and read. Care to guess what my opening hook was?

Yep, it explained how I knew of a way that they could use immediately to start getting their emails opened and read.

Subject line 2: Make money

The second type of headline that your prospects would like to see in their email boxes has to do with an old stand bye. Money!

Now what I’m about to say here is really important so I would suggest you pay close attention.

When it comes to writing about making money in your headline. Where most people blow it bigtime is when they use outrageous numbers. You have to promise numbers that are believable for your prospect. If they’ve never made $100,000 before in their life, then they’re less likely to believe that they can do it sitting at their kitchen table. Even if your product or service can help them make a ton of money, your safest if you go with the low end numbers. Just ask yourself, how much money can they realistically make?

The trick here is to show your prospect how they can make money off of something that they’re already doing anyway using your product or service. This will become your hook. Know your market!

Subject line 3: Save money.

Subject line number 3 is really a good one to use if your market is facing some tough decisions. Job outlook, financial turbulence, uncertainty, are all contributors to your prospects wanting to save money. Show them how they can save money but not sacrifice quality and value. Did you get that? Read it again, I’ll wait.

That’s the big difference that will make your money saving headlines get read more than your competitors.

See, your customers want to save money, but they don’t want to sacrifice quality or value. Promise them that they will not lose those 2, and yet still save money, then you’ll have a winner. Know your market, it’s not always about being the cheapest.

Subject line 4: Learn something about a subject that’s important to them.

This has to be one of my all time favorites. Your prospects will crawl over broken glass to get what you have to offer, if it pertains to a subject that’s important to them.

Think about it, if your home’s 10 year old furnace just went south, and you just heard the weatherman forecast 4 inches of snow and bitter cold temperatures for the night. What would be on your mind right now?

That’s right. Getting your furnace fixed.

Now if I sent you an email that promised any furnace fixed in under 2 hours before tonight’s deepfreeze, regardless of how old it is…would you at least read and open my email?

I’d bet that you would.

So to find out what your market really desires then you can do a couple of things.

Try a survey.

Ask them what’s on their mind. What problems are bugging them most? Which problems would they want to see solved immediately? What do they like most about your product?

Look at trends. Scoot on over to amazon and see what are the most popular selling items. Books, clothing, electronics, you want to check the pulse of your market.

Visit forums related to your product or service and see what problems continuously pop up over and over. Take note. Then make sure your products or services solve them.

It’s called research folks. Do this, and you will find yourself in the driver’s seat quicker then you could have ever imagined.

Subject line: 5 Eliminate a worry.

If you’ve done your homework on your market, then you should have some type of idea about the problems your prospects are having. Now it’s your duty to help them eliminate those problems. You want to become the person who gave them relief.

Put on your thinking cap for a moment. Your job now is to come up with many different ways of helping them solve their problems. Show them how at every level your product or service will eliminate a worry.

Show them how much better their life will be without this problem.

Know I would like to also mention that sometimes your market will say one thing to you and mean another, so just don’t take their word for it. After they’ve told you what’s bothering them, still do more research on your own. You can even put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself how would you respond to the same situation. How would you solve this problem. Then you can go one step further, and ask yourself what would you like to see in the solution.

Is this it?

Of course not. There are hundreds of ways to create compelling subject lines that make it through the spam filters.

So I’ll leave it up to you to create your own swipe file that you can use as a template for creating killer headlines over and over.

“**Attention affiliates** Feel free to sign up for this program and use this article on your site or ezine. You can also replace my affiiate link with your own. Thanks!”



Did you find those tips useful? You can learn a lot more about how write subject lines that get open and read by clicking here.

End of Article

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith



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