Are Your Autoresponder Messages Getting Read? Add These Two Response Generating Words To Any Of Your Messages And Watch Your Readerships Rates Grow

Posted on March 16, 2007. Filed under: autoresponders |

Do you know what the 2 most valuable words are that you can use in your autoresponder messages to quickly grab your readers attention?

Here’s quick hint.

I just used one of them on you in my opening sentence.

If you didn’t catch the first one, then scoot back up the the first sentence.

Did you notice the second word from the beginning?

If you said that the word I’m refering to here is the word you, then you’re correct.

This little 3 letter word has the ability to make your reader feel like you are talking directly to him. Even though you have never seen your reader, never talked to your reader, just by using the word “you” you’re giving them a one on one type of feeling.

Here do this. Count the number of times that I’ve used the word you so far.

While you are reading this message don’t you just feel like I’m talking to you and not the other hundred’s of reader that are out there?

That’s the power of the word “you”.

Now for our second soldier.

Some of you might be thinking that you already know what the second word I’m refering to is. And if you think it’s the word free….then you’d be mistaken.

Because it’s not.

When it comes to autoresponders and getting your messages read, the second most valuable word you can use is the word “because”.

“I’ve got a brand spanking new set of presidential gold coins. I purchased them from an authorized coin dealer in Chicago. He told me that there were only 100 of these limited edition coins made. I just happened to be there when he received his 10 coins.

Each store within 10 miles of each other can only sell 10 sets each. So on that day I was lucky to get a set because there was a line outside the door that stretched around the corner.

But now I’m affraid I’m going to have to sell them BECAUSE my wife just lost her job a week ago after being an employee at Abbot labs for 10 years. Her company’s ceo pleaded guilty to money laundering. This knucklehead used company funds to support his 15 different schemes. Now the employees will suffer because of it.

Plus, when you add to that the fact that my job has just cut my hours from 40 to 30 hours a week. With no real increase in hours per week no where in sight. Then you can see that money is getting real tight. I don’t even know how we ‘re going to pay for our kids school tuition this month. But I do know that we could really use the money that selling these coins could bring.”

Did you catch it?

The word because was thrown in there to give the story some believability.

And guess what?

These two soldiers will do the same for you and your messages.

All you have to do is put them to work for you and watch how they bring in the sales.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith


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