Change Your Sales Message And You Change Your Income

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What results are you looking for when you send out your standard email message to your list.

Hopefully your answer isn’t a sale.

Shame on you if it is.

Email messages that you load into your autoresponders shouldn’t sell a thing.

How come?

Because your readers are bombarded all day long with sales messages…and the last thing they want to do is put their name on another list (yours) to receive another canned offer.

So if your email messages aren’t supposed to sell anything – than what are they supposed to do?

Ahhhh…glad you asked…

Here’s your moment of enlightenment

–>The purpose of your email message is to inform <—

To Market…but not sell

To expose…but not sell

To point..but not sell

The pepsi ads that you see on t.v.

Do they sell?

The McDonalds ads that you see on t.v….do they sell?

Do they say “go down to the store and buy some of our products?”

No silly…they market.

They remind you that when you get thirsty try a pepsi.

They remind you that when you get hungry…grab a quarter pounder…

Nope…the commercials don’t sell.

The corner store down from your house sells.

The McDonalds down the street from your job sells.

Your website sells.

Meanwhile your autoresponder messages market.

They show your readers that you know what you are talking about.

And then if your readers decide that they want more they stroll off to your website.

That’s where you, the marketing genius have planted your can’t miss sales pitch.

That’s much easier on your readers.


Because after they are sold on you and they scramble over to your website they expect to receive a sales message.

Now they’re much more likely to read what your salesletter has to say.

It’s when they aren’t expecting a sales pitch and they get one that turns them off to you and their sales pitch radar comes racing up..

Now any attempt to make a sale under those kind of conditions is useless.

It’s simply click…I’m outta here.

Your job is to become the Anti-Salesman.

There’s a place for your sales pitch…it’s just not in your email messages.

Now, that being doesn’t mean that you can’t make an offer to your readers at all.

“What, but you just said that you shouldn’t try to sell your readers anything in your autoresponder messages”

And that’s true….

But you can send them a seperate broadcast message.

A broadcast message that isn’t included in the series of preloaded messages that you have placed in your autoresponder.

However you should make sure that your message is a quick read and to the point if you want to have success with them..

Well I’d like to continue on..but my brain power has just taken a hit.

Need to recharge..

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith


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