Headlines That Score A Hit With Your Opt In List Subscribers Only Happen When You Know How To Throw A Good Pitch

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Are you ready for another dose of opt in list building?

Of course you are right?

So lets get down to business.

One of the keys to getting new subscribers to join your list is have an attention grabbing headline.

Because if you can’t get your potential subscribers attention…then I can guarantee you that you will never get them to subscribe.

But getting peoples attention in todays “got to have it now and not later” society isn’t easy.

Dare I say that it’s sometimes a tough nut to crack.

Not to mention all of the swami guru products that you see promising you how to create killer headlines in just minutes…

Don’t believe it.

The art of creating attention grabbing headlines has to be practiced.

It has to be studied.

You have to become a student of headlines to eventually become a headline jedi master..

I’m not even close to that level yet, but you best believe that I’ve got a large war chest of headlines that I study religiously.

Everyday I feed my brain a small prescribed dose of headlines.

Prevention magazine here…

Cosmopolitan there…

and a little muscle and fitness to cap off the night.

—–Huge Tip——-

Study the magazines that you see on the magazine racks when you’re standing in the check out line of grocery stores.

These headlines are created by some of the highest paid copywriters in the industry.

And guess what part of their job is?

Bingo…you guessed it.

They have to get your attention.

But not only that..they have to push your buttons in such a way that reading further becomes your next goal. And that leads to the purchase.

I read some of everything.

Womens magazines (they routinely outsell mens mags and contain more emotional words) , men’s magazines, best sellers…you name it.

The reason I do that is because I’m looking for how the writer uses his words to communicate his message.

Because that’s how I’m looking to communicate with my readers…through words.

And you need to understand that all of the words in the english language pack an emotional punch.

Some words punch is more powerful than others…but they all have emotions tied to them in some way.

So creating an attention grabbing headline becomes a task of putting the right string of emotionally charged words that will communicate your message best to your readers.


Read that part again. Put it on a post it note if you have to.

Here’s an idea for you to chew on.

Give this message to your best buddy.

“Hey Mike, how ya doing, did you catch that lakers game last night…Kobe rocked..he scored 52 points..anyways…gotta go take the kids out for pizza..here’s a free lesson that will do you some good…it’s on the house..”

So your job…

Your mission becomes to study what headlines grab your attention and the attention of the masses.

Following in the sage advice from Jay Abraham…don’t just look at your particular niche for headlines. Look everywhere you can lay two eyes.

Look at the verbs they use.

What visual picture does the verb communicate?

Note: The verbs you’re looking for are action verbs.

Your headline for your messages should communicate with your subscribers on a conscious and subconscious level.

By the way…the reason you want to communicate on a subconscious level is because the subconscious mind works like a slave. (see there’s an emotionally charged word right there) See, while the readers conscious mind is busy filtering out the things that it see’s as relevant or irrelevant in your headline…the subconscious mind receives another message indirectly. And will decide to act or not act…There is no teetering back and forth with the subconscious. It’s simply “Yes sir boss, Or no sir boss”

The conscious mind acts as the police for your mind. It job is to serve and protect. While the job of your subconscious is just to serve.

Whew…I’m getting of track here so let me wrap things up.

So the lesson here is that emotions are king.

Study how other people use emotional words in their headlines to communicate with their audience.

Notice the effect that the words have on you. How do you feel after reading them?

Rewrite them.

Create a swipe file of the more common words hat you see repeated over and over. There’s reason why writers choose to use them again and again.

Try them out in your messages.

And keep at it.

Pretty soon you’ll become a headline jedi master…

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith



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