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What Are You Selling To Your Opt In List Subscribers? (part 2)

Posted on April 30, 2007. Filed under: Opt in email marketing |

Ok…in my last message you may remember that I talked about an email I received that talked about a method for inspiring your readers and an easy to use technique for increasing your subscribers.

Well you’re about to learn exactly what was in that message.

The message simply talked about using hope as a way to inspire your readers and generate new subscribers.

I had completely forgot about the power of hope in your message.

Once you realize that people today live lives that are boring. That they desperately want to be lead, but only by somone who can lead them to where they see themselves moving toward in the future without all of the flashy-ness that is usually associated with con-men.

But the tricky part is that if you just come out and say that you can lead them to the promise land, them you will most likely be met with distrust and anger.

“Who is this guy that say’s he can help me get everything that I want out of life. He must be just trying to get my hard earned money…screw that..and screw him”…this is what they are thinking.

So how do you overcome this problem?

You can do it through hope.

Lotteries…what do they really sell?


That with as little as one dollar you can change your life. Pay off all of your debts…And live with financial freedom.

Going bald?

What does rogaine sell?


That the hair that once was there will now return. You will no longer have to feel embarrassed in public. No more wearing hats to cover hair loss.

Info products.

What do they sell?


Your problems will finally be solved. No more wasting money…now you can start making some.

Starting today…start thinking about how you can give your readers hope.

Lead off your messages with it.

Put it in your headlines.

But please make sure that you don’t give them false hope….

That can do more harm than good.

Make sure your promise to your opt in ist subscribers talks about what is actually possible under any given condition…and not something that requires special conditions.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

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What Are You Selling To Your Opt In List Subscribers?

Posted on April 26, 2007. Filed under: Opt in email marketing |

Yesterday I received an email that really inspired me.

Not that I wasn’t inspired before reading the email, but every now and then you need a shot in the arm to re-ignite the fire.

The author had a really simple and easy to read writing style.

I like that.

I tend to get a ton of messages every day so being able to get to the point fast is a must for me.

Anyway, the person who wrote the message talked about a way for you to connect with your readers deepest desires. And how your messages can inspire them to take the next step forward…which could be just about anything.

It could be making a purchase from you.

It could be going to a website.

It could be a request for further information.

Doesn’t really matter.

The end result would always be the same.

Your readers getting what they wanted…which in my mind is a win/win situation.

So I thought about how I could use what he was suggesting in my next message to my subscribers.

Based off of what he was suggesting it took me about 45 minutes to come up with a plan that would benefit my readers.

I know…I’m kind of slow….

After loading it into my autoresponder… which was a snap because I always write my messages in a word file and just copy and paste and click send.

How old fashioned is that?

But it works for me.

Next was just to wait for the confirmed delivery of the message and to check the results.

Here’s the good news.

So far his suggestion worked.

The early results are looking good.

I wasn’t selling any products in the message…but instead I wanted to drive traffic to a site to see if it was possible to get some new subscribers for a free newsletter.

This morning when I checked in to see the early results…I was suprised to see better numbers than I expected.

However, it’s still early…

As the day goes on it could very well be that those were the only new subscribers to come onboard.

We’ll see….that’s what testing is for right?

The payoff…

The theme of my next post will be about what his message contained that I was able to use to get a quick boost in subscribers.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

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Here’s The Number One Subject That Your Opt In List Subscribers Want You To Desperately Write About

Posted on April 25, 2007. Filed under: Opt in email marketing |

Do you know what’s the one subject that your opt in subscribers will always be interested in?

Do you know the one subject that you can write about in your headline that your readers will want to open when they see it

It’s simple really when you think about it.

The one subject that’s guaranteed to get you the most amount of readers is the subject of “You”

Or more specifically… when you write about your readers… they will become more interested in what you have to say.

When you write about their problems

Their issues….

You will grab their attention.

When your messages or headlines speak directly to their current situation…they will read and listen.

Here’s a quick pop quiz.

When someone shows you a picture from the past…who are you looking for when you see it?

If you know that you were in that picture then you will mostly likely look for yourself first.

Am I right?

Then you’ll look for other friends or family.

Is that wrong?


It’s just how we are wired.

You might want to grab a pen and jot this next part down.


We are most concerned for our own well being first.

Then your family.

Then your friends.

Then society.


Now that you know this….

Why not put your readers first.

Make your messages about them and the status quo. Show them how things will be as long as they remain where they are.

Do they want a better life?

Of course they do right?

After all..that’s why they are on your list…Because you’ve promised them a benefit or some result that would move them forward.

Then you can piggy back on that truth with a little logic.

Here’s how you might do it.

“If your tired of working long hours for little pay, then continuing to do so while expecting things to change is just crazy. And you and I both know that you are not crazy. So the most sensible thing that you can do to change the way you feel about your present working conditions and increase the amount of money you make is to take back your life. Let everyone else be satisfied with just getting buy. You deserve more. You’ve put in the time. Now you want to be paid what you’re really worth and not what some little pencil pusher says your job title pays.”

Remember this 10,000 dollar marketing tip.

You have to stir up the emotions of your readers and then toss in a little logic and you will see better results from your efforts.

Thats all for now.

Keir Smith

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Opt In List Magic: Watch Me As I Reveal The Inner Workings Of This Hard To Sell Personality Type

Posted on April 23, 2007. Filed under: Opt in email marketing | it’s been a while since I’ve given you guys a really juicy post that you could sink your mind into.

Today you’re going to learn about the how the mind of a particular personality type works.

But more important than that will be how you can use that knowledge to create magnetic emails that your readers will look forward to reading.

How’s that for a way of getting back into the groove?

I thought you might like that.

First off….before you can get anyone to buy any products or services from you.

Before you can get anyone to open up your emails and dive into your message… you have to have a working knowledge of how your potential readers/buyers mind processes information.


I’m glad you asked.

It’s so that you can present your message or offer in such a way that it is easily accepted on a conscious and subconscious level by them.

This next part is important so now would be a good time to to print this stuff out.

Take for instance the analytical person.

Think of their minds as operating like a computer with that gray matter (their brain) inside functioning as the motherboard.

Their beliefs and values then take on the role of antivirus software. When something doesn’t fit in with their current mental programs (like your message/offer) then the antivirus software kicks in and deletes the incoming information.

As you know…the easiest way to get by the antivirus software is to simply go by the set rules and you will make it to the end destination.

Which in this case involves getting past their beliefs and values in a truly ethical manner.

Buy how do you get past the analytical persons beliefs and values without coming off like pond scum?

The answer lies in knowing what current software programs (beliefs and values) are currently running on their motherboard (mind).

Let’s continue on using our example of the analytical person.

Here’s a look at the operating system that makes up an analytical person.

The analytical person is wired to look for facts and stats.

They like to solve problems.

They are good with numbers.

They make decisions slowly.

They want details.

They tend to be well dressed.

Very organized.

They tend to follow the rules and insist that others do as well.

They tend to want things to be perfect.

They often tend to make unkind remarks about themselves.

Now if what you’re offering to this market isn’t coded in such a way that their mental operating system quickly picks out that this message/offer fits in with their current mental programs (beliefs and values) ..

Then your message/offer will fall short.

Or in other gets deleted…

For example…

Let’s say your selling vacation packages…

And you’ve found a large group of analytical types who have shown interest in vacation hot spots across the USA..

If your message/offer that you have is trying to paint vivid mental images of fun in the sun using emotional words to an analytical person… then their antivirus (beliefs and values) quickly kicks in to stop your message from going any further.

What the analytical person is looking for in your messages are words like:

bottom line










Using those words immediately put you in tune with his current mental programs without triggering his mental antivirus software.

You might say something at the end of your message like this:

“Doesn’t it just make sense that people should make rational decisions about where they’re going to spend their vacations instead of being so impulsive”

The whole idea here is this.

The mind of an analytical person is looking for information to be presented in such a way that it fits in with their current beliefs and values.

Show them stats on what you are currently offering and your message/offer will fit in with their current beliefs and values.

Show them how you had a problem and the logical steps you used to solve it..and your message /offer will be in tune with them.

Understand this.

When they first receive your offer they will begin to look for the things that fits in with their beliefs and values.

The quicker they find them..the better off you will be.

Ok…now for the big payoff….

To make your messages become sought after by your readers you have to first:

1. Understand the personality types of the people who make up the mass part of your market.

2. Craft your message to fit in with the way they process information

When you do those two things your market will seek you out to see what you have to offer them.

That’s much better than the sell, sell, sell that most people do.

As much as I would like to go on the time has come for me to stop.

Make sure you print this post out.


Because as I mentioned once before this might become part of a new information product that I might be creating.

In that case this post will be deleted and placed inside the product.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

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Im Back…………..

Posted on April 21, 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized |

After a long layoff…I’m back..bigger and better than ever…

My apologies to my loyal readers for the amount of time that has gone by since my last post.

But I had a string of things happen that didn’t allow me to post to this blog.

I came down with a bad cold that zapped my energy level almost down to zero. I hate having a cold. In fact it had been almost 6 years since my last one. I know that might sound far fetched but it’s true..I really do go out of my way to keep my immune system going strong.

I guess that’s why I was so shocked when it hit me…

Next up was the death of a close friend. That was a really tough one to handle for both his family and me as well.

And finally…there was the problem with my cpu.

Specifically it was a problem with windows xp.

For some reason it just went crazy on me.

I cut it off one day and the next time I went to start it back up…it kept giving me a message that a file was corrupted and to put in a boot disk. I did that and followed the instructions that followed, but the dam thing still wouldn’t work.

So finally I called in my samauri geek.

He is my last line of defense…if he can’t fix a problem I have then I’m toast.

Thankfully he’s undefeated so far. There hasn’t been a problem I had that he and his crew of 3 loyal recruits hasn’t been able to wipe out.

That being said….I will start back to posting some information for you to use here shortly.

Stay tuned.

That’s all for now.


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Extra, Extra, Read All About it…Optinlistbuilder Was Recently Struck Down….

Posted on April 7, 2007. Filed under: Opt in email marketing |

Here’s a quick update for you.

In case you were wondering where I’ve been over that last couple of days…

Unfortunately I was struck by some sort of flu bug. It sucks!

Throats all scratchy, nose is constantly running, along with a slight cough.

My energy levels rise and fall like a roller coaster.

I know you guys want to learn more about building your lists, and I will continue to help you with that.

I hope that I can get back to writing shortly.

So in the meantime just hang in there, I will be back soon.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

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No One Will Join Your Opt In List If They Don’t See Any Value In You First…

Posted on April 4, 2007. Filed under: Opt in email marketing |

One Tuesday afternoon in 2005 while pecking away at my computer keyboard an idea hit me that would later change my life and my income.

And more importantly if you use this idea yourself you can change the results that you’re currently getting from your opt in list building efforts.

Read on…

I was typing up an article about how to build an affiliate list because I had previously had my own affiliate website that did rather well…so I figured I’d share what I’d learned with other people who wanted to do the same.

But after completing the first couple of paragraphs I hit a wall.

I just couldn’t seem to put together the right words to get my message across.

So…I thought about how I could break this writing drought.

Then while tossing a rubber ball that I keep close by for stress relief in the air… it hit me…

I was trying to sell people on why they should follow my advice. Instead I should be focusing on doing what my local community centers does.

My local community center doesn’t place ads all around town trying to convince me of how much better they are then the next center…

They simply create an enviroment where that idea becomes a logical thought.

It becomes my idea.

No one forced me to go there and workout.

No one forced me to go there and play a pick up game of basketball.

No one forced me to go there and jog around their indoor track.

It was my idea.

When I entered into the enviroment that they had created I realized that all of those things were possible.

That’s when the light bulb went off in my mind.

I needed to talk to someone who I could get some insight from.

I sought out the program director, Mr. Gardner to see if he could answer my question as to how they get people to use their own will power to come and join in at the center.

Listen to the answer he gave me that left me speechless.

“Our philosophy was simple. Keep focusing on creating the right kind of enviroment so that the right kind of people could begin doing the right kind of things.”


The Transition


My jaw literally dropped and hit the floor.

I was doing the totally opposite of that advice.

I was creating the type of enviroment that would lead more people away from what I wanted.

What a knucklhead I was.

Here I was trying to force people into an enviroment that made them feel uncomfortable. That’s always a bad move.

Instead, a better idea was to create an enviroment that would encourage further learning by first offereing them something to learn first.

By shifting the focus from me to them is when I began to see a noticeable difference in my results.

Readers would tell me, “Keir thanks for your advice about where to advertise my program, do you have any ebooks that you wrote, and if so where can I get them”

“Hey Keir, I followed your advice about writing headlines and now I’m seeing my sub-affiliates become more active, thanks”

That’s what I wanted.

I wanted people to want to search further on their own for my articles and programs that I was promoting.

And that’s what happened. And I’ve been doing it ever since.

How can you use this method in your opt in list building chores?

One way is by simply revealing some of the things that have worked for you without any obligation from your readers.

Do you have a secret method for getting subscribers?

then let your readers know that and stop trying to sell it to them.

When you can let people see the value in you..they will buy into you.

Once they buy into you they will eventually want more. Then you can point them to a product or service.

“Hey Keir, my autoresponder sucks, what service do you use?”

“I use getresponse, and it costs me less than $20 bucks a month..They’ve got a bunch of features that I like..I don’t have time to fully explain them now because I’m on my way to my son’s high school football’s the indians vs the redskins..should be a good battle. Here’s 20 bucks…give it a try on me. If you like it that’s fine..if you don’t it won’t have cost you a thing, how’s that sound”

I get people to buy into me by doing what everyone else isn’t doing.

I simply make it easier for them to say yes than to say no.

You should try it.

I think you’ll like.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

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Hocus Pocus..You’ve Lost Your Focus…Watch Me Teach You A New Opt In List Trick Before You Even Notice

Posted on April 3, 2007. Filed under: Opt in email marketing |

Here’s a little loverage for ya….

Before I give you todays information about building an opt in list…

Let me just say “Thank You” to everyone who’s given this little blog some of their time.

I appreciate each and every one of you who stop by or who have bookmarked this blog.

I really do!

Okay…I don’t want to get all teary eyed here..

So lets move on to my next post.


Have you ever watched the tv show 24?

I think the writers on that show are peddling some new form of video crack. The writers on that show have their viewers hooked on their stories and plots and semi-plots.

It’s amazing, I know people wo watch it, tivo it, and watch the re-runs all over again..all while knowing whats going to happen.

When I asked why they watch the show over and over again I usually just get a blank stare…seriously, I should’ve known better than to ask..but what the heck..

Every episode leaves you with a cliffhanger.

The writers have built up your emotions and tapped into your logical reasoning so much so that when they snatch the final ending from you, your just left drooling for another fix.

“Another shot of 24 please”


The Big Payoff


Have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Bluma Zeigarnik?

Do a quick google search to find him.

You need to look for the Zeigarnik effect.

Meanwhile, check out wikipedias definition of the Zeigarnik effect:

The Zeigarnik effect states that people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed ones.

Ahhhhh….those sneaky little devils.

The writers over at the tv show 24 are masters at pulling the old Zeigarnik effect on you throughout the show.

Jack gets a call from his daughter who sounds like she is in trouble but doesn’t tell can see that she needs help and you mentally try to tell Jack the clues..then it’s switch…the president is on the phone with some guy who’s threatening to bomb a building full of innocent people…his thumb is on the trigger and beads of sweat are pouring down his face..then someone startles him and he’s about to hit the trigger..then it’s switched again…

Uncompleted and interrupted tasks…

That’s your clue as to how you can get your readers to hang on to every word you say and every message you send them.

You need to break up your message and deliver it in tiny doses.

When you leave the outcome in doubt your readers minds will want to find the answer.

That’s how your mind works.

It hates having uncompleted tasks…so it tries to complete them to remove the frustration.

In this case the frustration is removed when the next message arrives..

Realize that there are many other ways to use this quirk in human nature to your advantage..

What I talked about here just scratched the surface.

In fact…. I’m being asked to come out of retirement and put my knowlegde about how the human mind works and how to tap it’s resources into a book or ecourse.

I haven’t decided yet. But we’ll see.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

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Digital Cowboys And How Major Opt In List Battles Are Won

Posted on April 2, 2007. Filed under: Opt in email marketing |

Howdy partner…

It’s a new day and you’ve got a new opportunity to round up a few new subscribers.

How’s that going by the way?


Today I want to talk about digital cowboys.

I know you’re thinking…

“What the heck is a digital cowboy?”

If you just hang in there Lil partner I’ll give you the breakdown.

Have you ever sat at home in your favorite chair and flipped the t.v. to a good western?


I love cutting off the phone, grabbing a heaping helping of old fashioned buttered popcorn and watching how the west was really won.

Did you ever notice that….

When watching a good shoot’em up’s really easy to tell who the good guys are.

Right off the back you can see that it will be the guy who isn’t perfect, he usually will have a character flaw that makes him vulnerable…but if need be he will shoot the shit out of you.

That will be the hero.

But before he will convince you that he’s the man who can tame the wild west he usually does something very important to getting you to put your confidence in him.

He’ll tackle a few small battles that seem to question whether or not he will make it out alive.

He shows confidence when the situation seems to be on the verge of utter chaos.

And despite how crazy his ideas might seem…he always sticks to his guns.

And you know what?

At some point you begin to identify with him.

You put yourself in his shoes and say…”that’s how I would like to be”

Strong, confident…able to show a clear thinking process under the most stressful conditions.

Now what I was talking about here was a cowboy movie.

But your opt in list subscribers would actually like for you to be their digital cowboy.

Your opt in subscribers want you to exhibit the qualities that they would like to have but don’t.

You might not think that they do..but secretly they’re crying out for it.

And the sooner you put on your hat and become a digital cowboy…the sooner you will have people pulling up close to their computer monitors to read what you have to say.

Listen…stop looking at your readers as simple dollar signs. No one want’s to be looked at only for the money that they have and how you can get it.

The way to become a digital cowboy is by showing who you really are.

Hell, it’s fine to tell me that you just made100,000 on a business transaction…that’s great…I’m happy for ya…

But you better also tell me about how you blew a transaction that could have brought you 200,000 as well.

Now, I’m wit-cha.

No one likes a person who’s perfect…or I should say thinks that they are perfect.

Your readers can relate to you better once they know your flaws. Just like the hero in the cowboy movie will reveal his flaws first before he ever saves the girl, or the west, or whatever.

It’s called bonding. Share a part of you with your readers.

The minute you let your market know that you’re a real person just like they are is when you start to form a bond with your readers.

Stop trying to be perfect all the time.

Perfection is for losers.

Are you a loser?

I didn’t think you were.


Ever notice how my posts aren’t perfect.

I make spelling mistakes…grammar mistakes…and whatever other kind of mistakes that are out there.

But you know what.I don’t care.

I’m more concerned with you getting the message that I have to deliver.

Plus it shows you subconsciously that there is a real person behind these posts and not some automated robot who’s buttons I can push to do my job for me.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

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Grown Men And Women With Mortgages To Pay Don’t Build Opt In Lists With A Half Assed Effort

Posted on April 1, 2007. Filed under: Opt in email marketing |

Here is is a snippet of a conversation that I had with a young chap who was building his own opt in list, but was confused as to how he could get his readers attention.

He mentioned that he had read what seemed like hundreds of books on the subject of headline creation, had taken many courses, and listened to a couple of seminars.

You name it..and he had did it.

So check it out.

“Hey Keir, I’m in trouble”

Me… “In trouble, okay…whats her name”

“No, not that kind of trouble…my list that I ‘m building…I’m starting to think that this is just a waste of money”

Me..”Why do you say that”

“Because I’m running my list at a loss….I’m paying a monthly service fee for my autoresponder, I’ve spent way too much money on marketing products that I thought would help me, but didn’t and now I’m getting really frustrated”

Me..”When you say way to much…how much are we talking about here..I mean in actual dollar amounts”

“I’m too embarrassed to say..if that gives you any idea”

Me..”No it doesn’t… but we’ll move on”

(Note: Notice how I let him save face…the pain that comes with feeling embarassed is not something you want to build on)

Me…”Okay…so the products that you purchased..what were you expecting them to do for you that in the end they didn’t”

“I thought that they would show me how to write better headlines so that I could get sales from my list. How they did it themselves and how I could do it too.”

(Having a great headline doesn’t translate into sales..there is no equation that makes that so)

Me…”And they didn’t”

“Some of them did have certain steps that they said you should follow, but I just thought they we’re a complete waste of time”


Me…”So, let me get this straight so I can understand your situation better”

(Notice how I’m showing him that he has my full attention. I want to understand his situation better. Bonding 101)

Me…”You bought marketing products that promised to help you let’s say… become a better headline writer right?”


Me…”Okay..and when you read what they had to felt that some of what they recommended was just a waste of time for you”

“Yeah, I’ve seen some of the steps they were using in other products that I had tried in the past that didn’t why try them again?

Me…”So out of hmmm…maybe 5 steps they recommended…let’s say for example you did 3 of them…And after doing 3 out of the 5..when you didn’t get the results you were hoping now think that the product doesn’t work..would that be fair to say?”

“Yeah…that’s fair”

Me…”So you wanted an even shorter shortcut”

(you have keep in mind that sometimes members of your target market are lazy..they might not admit that to you but they are)

“I guess..No..really I just wanted something that worked for me”

Me..”I see… now I’m wondering if following all 5 steps holds the key to getting the results you want”

“It could…I don’t know”

Me…”Are you interested in creating headlines that will push your readers attention button?”

(I’m getting him back excited emotions)

“Of course”

Me…”Well, let’s do this…you remember how you said that you only did 3 out of 5 steps…”


Me…”Well this time….let’s try them as the author recommended…by that I mean let’s try all five of them together..and then if they don’t work..we’ll make the necessary adjustments and continue to move forward until you start seeing the results you’s that sound”

(I’m giving him a reason to re-try the product again. I will help him)

“That sounds fantastic”

Me..”How about tomorrow at 5:00 we start putting together a plan for writing some good headlines for your subscribers to read”

“That sounds like a plan to me”

Me..”I that at a yes or a no”

(I’m getting him to make a public commitment. A yes. So I phrase my response so that’s the most likely answer. When you can get someone to either write down or verbally say that they will commit to something you have a better chance of getting them to follow through with it because of the dissonance that will occur if they back out later)

“That’s a yes…”

Me…”Okay…gotta run…I’ll talk to you tomorrow then”

“That’s fine, and thank’s a lot..I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with this”

Me…”You can thank me after we’ve got you writing some good headlines”

(I’m reminding him of the benefit he wants that I will help him get. I’m using association. When I help him solve his problem, mentally he will associate the solution with me…aren’t I a sneaky devil 🙂

The take home message of the day is this.

You need action.

You can’t half-ass your way to success…

Action is what will bring you the results that you seek. Full and complete.

So if you want to write headlines that your opt in list readers will read…learn how to do that.

There are no short cuts.

A software program that promises to do that for you will only be around for so long.

After a while it becomes outdated.

But when you know the fundamental principles of how to write attention grabbing headlines you will always have that with you.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

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