Grown Men And Women With Mortgages To Pay Don’t Build Opt In Lists With A Half Assed Effort

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Here is is a snippet of a conversation that I had with a young chap who was building his own opt in list, but was confused as to how he could get his readers attention.

He mentioned that he had read what seemed like hundreds of books on the subject of headline creation, had taken many courses, and listened to a couple of seminars.

You name it..and he had did it.

So check it out.

“Hey Keir, I’m in trouble”

Me… “In trouble, okay…whats her name”

“No, not that kind of trouble…my list that I ‘m building…I’m starting to think that this is just a waste of money”

Me..”Why do you say that”

“Because I’m running my list at a loss….I’m paying a monthly service fee for my autoresponder, I’ve spent way too much money on marketing products that I thought would help me, but didn’t and now I’m getting really frustrated”

Me..”When you say way to much…how much are we talking about here..I mean in actual dollar amounts”

“I’m too embarrassed to say..if that gives you any idea”

Me..”No it doesn’t… but we’ll move on”

(Note: Notice how I let him save face…the pain that comes with feeling embarassed is not something you want to build on)

Me…”Okay…so the products that you purchased..what were you expecting them to do for you that in the end they didn’t”

“I thought that they would show me how to write better headlines so that I could get sales from my list. How they did it themselves and how I could do it too.”

(Having a great headline doesn’t translate into sales..there is no equation that makes that so)

Me…”And they didn’t”

“Some of them did have certain steps that they said you should follow, but I just thought they we’re a complete waste of time”


Me…”So, let me get this straight so I can understand your situation better”

(Notice how I’m showing him that he has my full attention. I want to understand his situation better. Bonding 101)

Me…”You bought marketing products that promised to help you let’s say… become a better headline writer right?”


Me…”Okay..and when you read what they had to felt that some of what they recommended was just a waste of time for you”

“Yeah, I’ve seen some of the steps they were using in other products that I had tried in the past that didn’t why try them again?

Me…”So out of hmmm…maybe 5 steps they recommended…let’s say for example you did 3 of them…And after doing 3 out of the 5..when you didn’t get the results you were hoping now think that the product doesn’t work..would that be fair to say?”

“Yeah…that’s fair”

Me…”So you wanted an even shorter shortcut”

(you have keep in mind that sometimes members of your target market are lazy..they might not admit that to you but they are)

“I guess..No..really I just wanted something that worked for me”

Me..”I see… now I’m wondering if following all 5 steps holds the key to getting the results you want”

“It could…I don’t know”

Me…”Are you interested in creating headlines that will push your readers attention button?”

(I’m getting him back excited emotions)

“Of course”

Me…”Well, let’s do this…you remember how you said that you only did 3 out of 5 steps…”


Me…”Well this time….let’s try them as the author recommended…by that I mean let’s try all five of them together..and then if they don’t work..we’ll make the necessary adjustments and continue to move forward until you start seeing the results you’s that sound”

(I’m giving him a reason to re-try the product again. I will help him)

“That sounds fantastic”

Me..”How about tomorrow at 5:00 we start putting together a plan for writing some good headlines for your subscribers to read”

“That sounds like a plan to me”

Me..”I that at a yes or a no”

(I’m getting him to make a public commitment. A yes. So I phrase my response so that’s the most likely answer. When you can get someone to either write down or verbally say that they will commit to something you have a better chance of getting them to follow through with it because of the dissonance that will occur if they back out later)

“That’s a yes…”

Me…”Okay…gotta run…I’ll talk to you tomorrow then”

“That’s fine, and thank’s a lot..I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with this”

Me…”You can thank me after we’ve got you writing some good headlines”

(I’m reminding him of the benefit he wants that I will help him get. I’m using association. When I help him solve his problem, mentally he will associate the solution with me…aren’t I a sneaky devil 🙂

The take home message of the day is this.

You need action.

You can’t half-ass your way to success…

Action is what will bring you the results that you seek. Full and complete.

So if you want to write headlines that your opt in list readers will read…learn how to do that.

There are no short cuts.

A software program that promises to do that for you will only be around for so long.

After a while it becomes outdated.

But when you know the fundamental principles of how to write attention grabbing headlines you will always have that with you.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith


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Great advice, I totally agree. If you take shortcuts on building your list you will get a “short cutted” list, so to speak. You are right, go at it with full force. When you are dealing with your list it is something that demands total attention.

Brad Young

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