Digital Cowboys And How Major Opt In List Battles Are Won

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Howdy partner…

It’s a new day and you’ve got a new opportunity to round up a few new subscribers.

How’s that going by the way?


Today I want to talk about digital cowboys.

I know you’re thinking…

“What the heck is a digital cowboy?”

If you just hang in there Lil partner I’ll give you the breakdown.

Have you ever sat at home in your favorite chair and flipped the t.v. to a good western?


I love cutting off the phone, grabbing a heaping helping of old fashioned buttered popcorn and watching how the west was really won.

Did you ever notice that….

When watching a good shoot’em up’s really easy to tell who the good guys are.

Right off the back you can see that it will be the guy who isn’t perfect, he usually will have a character flaw that makes him vulnerable…but if need be he will shoot the shit out of you.

That will be the hero.

But before he will convince you that he’s the man who can tame the wild west he usually does something very important to getting you to put your confidence in him.

He’ll tackle a few small battles that seem to question whether or not he will make it out alive.

He shows confidence when the situation seems to be on the verge of utter chaos.

And despite how crazy his ideas might seem…he always sticks to his guns.

And you know what?

At some point you begin to identify with him.

You put yourself in his shoes and say…”that’s how I would like to be”

Strong, confident…able to show a clear thinking process under the most stressful conditions.

Now what I was talking about here was a cowboy movie.

But your opt in list subscribers would actually like for you to be their digital cowboy.

Your opt in subscribers want you to exhibit the qualities that they would like to have but don’t.

You might not think that they do..but secretly they’re crying out for it.

And the sooner you put on your hat and become a digital cowboy…the sooner you will have people pulling up close to their computer monitors to read what you have to say.

Listen…stop looking at your readers as simple dollar signs. No one want’s to be looked at only for the money that they have and how you can get it.

The way to become a digital cowboy is by showing who you really are.

Hell, it’s fine to tell me that you just made100,000 on a business transaction…that’s great…I’m happy for ya…

But you better also tell me about how you blew a transaction that could have brought you 200,000 as well.

Now, I’m wit-cha.

No one likes a person who’s perfect…or I should say thinks that they are perfect.

Your readers can relate to you better once they know your flaws. Just like the hero in the cowboy movie will reveal his flaws first before he ever saves the girl, or the west, or whatever.

It’s called bonding. Share a part of you with your readers.

The minute you let your market know that you’re a real person just like they are is when you start to form a bond with your readers.

Stop trying to be perfect all the time.

Perfection is for losers.

Are you a loser?

I didn’t think you were.


Ever notice how my posts aren’t perfect.

I make spelling mistakes…grammar mistakes…and whatever other kind of mistakes that are out there.

But you know what.I don’t care.

I’m more concerned with you getting the message that I have to deliver.

Plus it shows you subconsciously that there is a real person behind these posts and not some automated robot who’s buttons I can push to do my job for me.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith


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