Hocus Pocus..You’ve Lost Your Focus…Watch Me Teach You A New Opt In List Trick Before You Even Notice

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Here’s a little loverage for ya….

Before I give you todays information about building an opt in list…

Let me just say “Thank You” to everyone who’s given this little blog some of their time.

I appreciate each and every one of you who stop by or who have bookmarked this blog.

I really do!

Okay…I don’t want to get all teary eyed here..

So lets move on to my next post.


Have you ever watched the tv show 24?

I think the writers on that show are peddling some new form of video crack. The writers on that show have their viewers hooked on their stories and plots and semi-plots.

It’s amazing, I know people wo watch it, tivo it, and watch the re-runs all over again..all while knowing whats going to happen.

When I asked why they watch the show over and over again I usually just get a blank stare…seriously, I should’ve known better than to ask..but what the heck..

Every episode leaves you with a cliffhanger.

The writers have built up your emotions and tapped into your logical reasoning so much so that when they snatch the final ending from you, your just left drooling for another fix.

“Another shot of 24 please”


The Big Payoff


Have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Bluma Zeigarnik?

Do a quick google search to find him.

You need to look for the Zeigarnik effect.

Meanwhile, check out wikipedias definition of the Zeigarnik effect:

The Zeigarnik effect states that people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed ones.

Ahhhhh….those sneaky little devils.

The writers over at the tv show 24 are masters at pulling the old Zeigarnik effect on you throughout the show.

Jack gets a call from his daughter who sounds like she is in trouble but doesn’t tell jack..you can see that she needs help and you mentally try to tell Jack the clues..then it’s switch…the president is on the phone with some guy who’s threatening to bomb a building full of innocent people…his thumb is on the trigger and beads of sweat are pouring down his face..then someone startles him and he’s about to hit the trigger..then it’s switched again…

Uncompleted and interrupted tasks…

That’s your clue as to how you can get your readers to hang on to every word you say and every message you send them.

You need to break up your message and deliver it in tiny doses.

When you leave the outcome in doubt your readers minds will want to find the answer.

That’s how your mind works.

It hates having uncompleted tasks…so it tries to complete them to remove the frustration.

In this case the frustration is removed when the next message arrives..

Realize that there are many other ways to use this quirk in human nature to your advantage..

What I talked about here just scratched the surface.

In fact…. I’m being asked to come out of retirement and put my knowlegde about how the human mind works and how to tap it’s resources into a book or ecourse.

I haven’t decided yet. But we’ll see.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith



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