No One Will Join Your Opt In List If They Don’t See Any Value In You First…

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One Tuesday afternoon in 2005 while pecking away at my computer keyboard an idea hit me that would later change my life and my income.

And more importantly if you use this idea yourself you can change the results that you’re currently getting from your opt in list building efforts.

Read on…

I was typing up an article about how to build an affiliate list because I had previously had my own affiliate website that did rather well…so I figured I’d share what I’d learned with other people who wanted to do the same.

But after completing the first couple of paragraphs I hit a wall.

I just couldn’t seem to put together the right words to get my message across.

So…I thought about how I could break this writing drought.

Then while tossing a rubber ball that I keep close by for stress relief in the air… it hit me…

I was trying to sell people on why they should follow my advice. Instead I should be focusing on doing what my local community centers does.

My local community center doesn’t place ads all around town trying to convince me of how much better they are then the next center…

They simply create an enviroment where that idea becomes a logical thought.

It becomes my idea.

No one forced me to go there and workout.

No one forced me to go there and play a pick up game of basketball.

No one forced me to go there and jog around their indoor track.

It was my idea.

When I entered into the enviroment that they had created I realized that all of those things were possible.

That’s when the light bulb went off in my mind.

I needed to talk to someone who I could get some insight from.

I sought out the program director, Mr. Gardner to see if he could answer my question as to how they get people to use their own will power to come and join in at the center.

Listen to the answer he gave me that left me speechless.

“Our philosophy was simple. Keep focusing on creating the right kind of enviroment so that the right kind of people could begin doing the right kind of things.”


The Transition


My jaw literally dropped and hit the floor.

I was doing the totally opposite of that advice.

I was creating the type of enviroment that would lead more people away from what I wanted.

What a knucklhead I was.

Here I was trying to force people into an enviroment that made them feel uncomfortable. That’s always a bad move.

Instead, a better idea was to create an enviroment that would encourage further learning by first offereing them something to learn first.

By shifting the focus from me to them is when I began to see a noticeable difference in my results.

Readers would tell me, “Keir thanks for your advice about where to advertise my program, do you have any ebooks that you wrote, and if so where can I get them”

“Hey Keir, I followed your advice about writing headlines and now I’m seeing my sub-affiliates become more active, thanks”

That’s what I wanted.

I wanted people to want to search further on their own for my articles and programs that I was promoting.

And that’s what happened. And I’ve been doing it ever since.

How can you use this method in your opt in list building chores?

One way is by simply revealing some of the things that have worked for you without any obligation from your readers.

Do you have a secret method for getting subscribers?

then let your readers know that and stop trying to sell it to them.

When you can let people see the value in you..they will buy into you.

Once they buy into you they will eventually want more. Then you can point them to a product or service.

“Hey Keir, my autoresponder sucks, what service do you use?”

“I use getresponse, and it costs me less than $20 bucks a month..They’ve got a bunch of features that I like..I don’t have time to fully explain them now because I’m on my way to my son’s high school football’s the indians vs the redskins..should be a good battle. Here’s 20 bucks…give it a try on me. If you like it that’s fine..if you don’t it won’t have cost you a thing, how’s that sound”

I get people to buy into me by doing what everyone else isn’t doing.

I simply make it easier for them to say yes than to say no.

You should try it.

I think you’ll like.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith


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