Opt In List Magic: Watch Me As I Reveal The Inner Workings Of This Hard To Sell Personality Type

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Ok..so it’s been a while since I’ve given you guys a really juicy post that you could sink your mind into.

Today you’re going to learn about the how the mind of a particular personality type works.

But more important than that will be how you can use that knowledge to create magnetic emails that your readers will look forward to reading.

How’s that for a way of getting back into the groove?

I thought you might like that.

First off….before you can get anyone to buy any products or services from you.

Before you can get anyone to open up your emails and dive into your message… you have to have a working knowledge of how your potential readers/buyers mind processes information.


I’m glad you asked.

It’s so that you can present your message or offer in such a way that it is easily accepted on a conscious and subconscious level by them.

This next part is important so now would be a good time to to print this stuff out.

Take for instance the analytical person.

Think of their minds as operating like a computer with that gray matter (their brain) inside functioning as the motherboard.

Their beliefs and values then take on the role of antivirus software. When something doesn’t fit in with their current mental programs (like your message/offer) then the antivirus software kicks in and deletes the incoming information.

As you know…the easiest way to get by the antivirus software is to simply go by the set rules and you will make it to the end destination.

Which in this case involves getting past their beliefs and values in a truly ethical manner.

Buy how do you get past the analytical persons beliefs and values without coming off like pond scum?

The answer lies in knowing what current software programs (beliefs and values) are currently running on their motherboard (mind).

Let’s continue on using our example of the analytical person.

Here’s a look at the operating system that makes up an analytical person.

The analytical person is wired to look for facts and stats.

They like to solve problems.

They are good with numbers.

They make decisions slowly.

They want details.

They tend to be well dressed.

Very organized.

They tend to follow the rules and insist that others do as well.

They tend to want things to be perfect.

They often tend to make unkind remarks about themselves.

Now if what you’re offering to this market isn’t coded in such a way that their mental operating system quickly picks out that this message/offer fits in with their current mental programs (beliefs and values) ..

Then your message/offer will fall short.

Or in other words..it gets deleted…

For example…

Let’s say your selling vacation packages…

And you’ve found a large group of analytical types who have shown interest in vacation hot spots across the USA..

If your message/offer that you have is trying to paint vivid mental images of fun in the sun using emotional words to an analytical person… then their antivirus (beliefs and values) quickly kicks in to stop your message from going any further.

What the analytical person is looking for in your messages are words like:

bottom line










Using those words immediately put you in tune with his current mental programs without triggering his mental antivirus software.

You might say something at the end of your message like this:

“Doesn’t it just make sense that people should make rational decisions about where they’re going to spend their vacations instead of being so impulsive”

The whole idea here is this.

The mind of an analytical person is looking for information to be presented in such a way that it fits in with their current beliefs and values.

Show them stats on what you are currently offering and your message/offer will fit in with their current beliefs and values.

Show them how you had a problem and the logical steps you used to solve it..and your message /offer will be in tune with them.

Understand this.

When they first receive your offer they will begin to look for the things that fits in with their beliefs and values.

The quicker they find them..the better off you will be.

Ok…now for the big payoff….

To make your messages become sought after by your readers you have to first:

1. Understand the personality types of the people who make up the mass part of your market.

2. Craft your message to fit in with the way they process information

When you do those two things your market will seek you out to see what you have to offer them.

That’s much better than the sell, sell, sell that most people do.

As much as I would like to go on the time has come for me to stop.

Make sure you print this post out.


Because as I mentioned once before this might become part of a new information product that I might be creating.

In that case this post will be deleted and placed inside the product.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith



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