“I Am The Superman Of Opt In List Building”

Posted on May 9, 2007. Filed under: Email Marketing, Internet marketing, Opt in email marketing |

Ok..so your not to happy with the results that your opt in list messages are getting…now what

Well, a simple solution is to aquire more knowledge of how to write effective emails.

Quick question.

How many email boxes do you currently have?

1…2….hey, I’ll go out on a limb and say..hmmm 4 maybe..

I personally have 7 different accounts.

Why so many?

It’s because I’m a student of marketing.

I pick different categories that I want to learn more about and then I assign that category to an email box.

For insatnce…

Internet marketing will go to box one.

So whenever I see anything related to internet marketing then I only use that address.

And I repeat this process for each and every box.

Next..I pick apart the emails that come in.

Are they placing the offer first

Are they leading off with a story

how long are their messages…

After doing that you will wind up with a huge resource that you can study and learn from.

Then after reading through the messages…I look at how I feel.

Did their message stir up an emotion…and if so..why?

What problem did they promise to solve that’s giving me trouble.

How did they associate the solution to their product or service.

So you see…I’m all about trying to get inside of the head of the person who wrote the message.

Sometimes I’m able to do it rather quickly…

And then somtimes it becomes a work in process.

Now think about this for a moment.

with thousands of email messages right their at your disposal

To read

To learn from

To pick apart for and pull out gold nuggets as I like to call them

How much better could your messages to your own private list become?

How much trust can you build because you’ve become the resident expert in their minds?

Golden nugget:

The trick…if you want to call it that..is to learn from other people who are doing what you want to be successful at.

Grab a few email boxes and begin signing up for ezines and newsletters.

Start noticing the process of how they move you from potential subscriber to subscriber.

From potential buyer to buyer.

Listen their is a lot more to building an pot in list than just offering a freebie to people to get their email address.

Ultimately…you want to become the total package…

Look ma…over there…

It’s a bird…

It’s a plane…

No..it’s opt in list builder…

Able to create results producing email messages…

Able to read the minds of his market…

Able to create a passive income…

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

Grab your Free report that teaches beginners the exact same list marketing system

that every guru on the planet uses to make money on autopilot


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