“Not Only Did The Detroit Pistons Whip Up On The Chicago Bulls Last Night…They Also Helped Me Uncover One Of The Secrets To Building An Opt In List”

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While watching one of the worst games that I’ve seen so far of the season last night between the Bulls and the Detroit Pistons…

I had a point of enlightenment.

The Bulls are pretty much like a lot of opt in list builders out there.


Their coach, Scott Skiles…

–>He knows that they need to have scoring from the post

–>He knows that they need to play good defense

–>He knows that they need to cut down turnovers….

But the big question he has yet to answer…and one that will ultimately seal his fate in the playoffs is this…


How do you get scoring from the post when your players at that position are not born scorers

How do you play good defense against a quick athletic team..when your players are constantly playing one step behind

How do you cut down on turnovers when your players aren’t even on the same page.

It’s the how that is keeping Mr. Skiles up late at night.

Okay you might be wondering what exactly does the Bulls game have to with building your opt in list.


A lot of you know what to do to build an opt in list.

–You know that you need an autoresponder

–You know that you need to have some sort of valuable offer

–You know that you need a website or blog or some sort of landing page for people to go to so they can sign up at.

But you know what’s keeping you from actually having that large opt in list.

It’s the how that’s missing.

–>How do you make an irresistable offer?

–>How do you use your autoresponder as a tool that will bring you future sales?

–>How do you put together the right structure on your website or blog that will attract the most subscribers?

Until you can answer the how..you will just keep spinning your wheels going nowhere.


Why don’t the so called guru’s out there concentrate on the how?

It’s because of fear.

They fear that if thousands of of people actually knew how to do what they do then their very lively hood would become in question.

How can they continue to make a living when everyone knows what they know how to do.


Ladies and Gentlemen….understand that competition in and of itself breeds fear.

As kids our parents and society pounded the thought into our heads that the more rare or scarce something is…the more valuable it becomes…

So if everyone knows how to build large opt in lists then the money available to you grows smaller.

But in actuality..there is no need for fear…

I know that this might be hard to believe…but there’s more than enough money out there for everybody.

Your moment of clarity begins right now.

—Once you know how to create curiosity building subjectlines

—Once you know how to write messages that speak to your markets hot buttons

—Once you how to take an already existing desire and channel it to your product

Then opt in list building becomes much easier.

So the lesson for today is this.

Start looking for the how.

–>How did such and such go from no list at all – to 10,000 subscribers in just under seven months.

–>How did such and such get a 5.7 conversion rate on an email broadcast.

Become curious.

Don’t just settle fot what they did.

Go for the gold.

With the gold being the “how.”

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

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catchy headline. my coment is why do all marketers copy each other. why do all sales pages look alike and read alike? how about some originality?

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