“What I Ripped Off Of Harry Potter To Build A Fat Opt In List”

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Want to know how to make your opt in list become as popular as the harry potter series?

Okay…maybe not as popular…

Because your level of thinking hasn’t made it to the point where you can compete against J.K. Rowling…

But you can come close.

With my help of course.

Did you ever notice what tv people usually say about Mr. Potter when they are referring to the movie.

Other than he’s got like a gazillion followers…

There is one key word that will also get thrown in with the movie title.

It’s the word “SERIES”

The Harry Potter series…

The Harry Potter blah blah blah.

For the maverick marketer that word means a lot.

It means that in building an opt in list…you will do very well for yourself if you can create a series of messages.

All of them related to the next in some way.

Each one building up to a end that your readers would logically expect.

But do you do that?


Not you.

Each email you put in your autoresponder is a fight to the finish.

You create more reasons to fail than to succeed.

That’s what losers do.

They think of ways to talk themselves out of making money.

“But Keir, I can’t come up with any ideas”

“But Keir I can’t write like you can”

It’s one thing after another.

Boooring…go sit in the corner and put on the pointy hat.

Do you understand that the world owes you nothing.

Your not born with the guaranteed right to be rich.

Even me.

I work on the side of success because I do the do.

Late hours devouring new marketing info.

Test, and retesting new ideas.

Studying my market.

But the thumb-sucking newbie cries when he wants an apple and is handed an orange.

Pat, pat…(on the back…) burp…

Hey..want to know the real secret to building a huge opt in list?

Well, for starters..there are no real secrets.

Okay..maybe one that I can think of.

The only secret to building an opt in list is that of getting you to believe that there is a secret that’s being kept from you.

Stop looking for secrets and start putting in some time building you.

When you become the right kind of person…the right kind of people will be attracted to you.

Why do you think Jesus had so many followers?

Was it because he made one helluva grilled cheese sandwhich?


It was because he became the right kind of person at the right time for the right people.

Read that 3 times over and over again.

More people will join your list when you show them you are the right kind of person they would like to be around.

Here’s your Harry Potter take away moment.

Harry Potter is about fun.


Stirring the imagination.

About being an underdog and still overcoming your faults.

Harry is always facing situations that seem too tough for him to overcome..but he somehow does.

Can you relate that kind of message to your readers in your autoresponder series?

Can you stretch it out over a period of time? While still dangling a carrot in front of them for the next installment.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

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