“The Most Important Message That You Will Read Today” (part 2) It’s Long So Enjoy

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Ok..if I get another message about some little 15 yr old mexican girl who’s profiting from google…

Then I’ll really expose her ass right here on this blog…

That being said…

You’re reading this message probably because you want to know about the tactic that I wrote about in my last post.

I don’t feel like doing the song and dance bit about all of the benefits of knowing how to use this tactic will help you.

So if you want that..then reread the last post.

Moving forward…

The tactic that I want to give to you today is quit simply A-N-T-I-C-P-A-T-I-O-N

For thse of you who are a little slow and rode the little small bus on your way to school….

It’s called anticipation.

Yes…John Reese wrote about it a long time ago as being one of his favorite tactics or techniques or whatever he liked to call it… to use.

And folks…if you look very closely…he’s doing it again with his new site income.com.

Every so often some new information is leaked about the site and some of the benefits you will enjoy as a member.

A date is thrown out there as to when the doors will finally be opened.

All the while your little brain goes crazy with desire.

You want what his site promises.

But you can’t get it soon enough.

Dissonance builds to unbelievable levels. You do know what that is right?

If you don’t..then look it up and figure out how to use it in your marketing efforts.

Then Ooops..another leak….

Then as long as he delivers…then whenever the paid products get’s thrown in..you’ll be sitting with credit card in hand..

probably slobbing all over the place as well…

Ready to buy.

But even before a sale is made.

You’re always on the lookout for any new emails from him.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to do this same thing to your opt in list?

Or what about those freaking movie studios…

With all of their trailers…and snippets..

Your favorite actors in roles that interest you…

Then they slam you with in theaters July 4…

Hell, I’m still waiting for the movie Tranformers to come out.

Which of course is in July.

But I know what cars will be featured in there…

What characters will be featured…

Every couple of weeks more info is revealed but not so much that I won’t want to go see the movie.

Because even though I have information about the movie..it’s incomplete…I can’t put it all together.

Those dirty bastards…

They know that your mind hates confusion..it hates things that are incomplete.

So it seeks answers..or relief….

Anticipation does this to you.

They build it up so that when the time comes you will be more likely to go see it than not.

That gets rid of the dissonance…

There’s that pesky word again.

Oh…and let’s not forget about our friends over at the television networks.

Take any successful tv show and look for anticipation.

Look at how they lead you into the next episode.

The tv show 24, or lost…

Their scripts are dripping with anticipation and cliffhangers.

Sneak peaks at next weeks episodes.

Can you say Sopranos?

Each week they leave you incomplete so that dissonance builds.

And in order to get rid of it…guess what?

You have to tune in and watch….



So how can you use this tactic?

You can use it by creating a series of messgaes that all center around one important theme or outcome or whatever.

And you would divide it up so that you would deliver only small parts of it to your readers.

While at the same time pointing them forward to what will be coming next.

Think of it like an apple pie.

You cut the pie into eight pieces that you then give out piece by piece..only this time your pie is information.

But the trick is that they can’t put the entire picture together until they have all the pieces.

Try as they might…it won’t work.

And a side benefit is that the more they try the more likely they will tune into your emails.


To prove themselves right.

It’s part of our nature to want to be right.

If I create something that threatens that need in you..then you will tune in to prove me wrong.

Dam…am I sneaky or what?

Anyhow…I’m tired of writing now..so you will just have to live with what I just gave you.

I might revisit this topic again in a future post but this time with a slight twist…However I won’t say when.

(See I just used anticipation and a little implication right there)


That’s all for now.

Keir smith

P.S. Don’t forget to grab your free report. Half of what I know and use here on this blog comes from what I learned not only in this report..but what he also teaches you inside his membership site.  You are a member right?

Grab your Free report that teaches beginners the exact same list marketing system

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