“Opt In List Building For Dummies”

Posted on May 19, 2007. Filed under: Opt in email marketing |

I’m kinda bored so I thought I’d give you something to use for your opt in list building chores.

One of my favorite tactics I like to use to really ramp up my response to my product offers is the use of emotional words.

A curse word hear…an insult there…and voila…

I’ve tapped into your emotions.

If you’ve ever read a message of mine and thought to yourself this guy is nuts…or this guy in right on point

Then now you know how I was able to achieve this outcome.

As smart as you are…

You already know that we respond with our emotions first and then we justify our actions with logic right?

So the next time you here someone say that some reaction isn’t logical…

Then laugh in their face.

Because you know that we’re not logical creatures.

We always have…and always will be emotional creatures first.

So how can you us this information to increase the responses to your emails or product offers?

Well look at you…it’s always take take take…

Let me ask you…

Have you even picked up your free report?

Did you even grab your free copy of online marketing monthly?

How much longer are you going to keep taking my information for free?

Thankfully for you I’ve already mastered the use of human emotions in my messages so your more than welcome to my left overs…

Because you’ve done your resarch on your market before building your list…you know the emotional drivers of your market right?

Take for instance your markets fears.

What do they fear most?

What situations would they run like a little sissy from if they were confronted with?

what fears do they have that will most likely happen if they don’t have your product or service.

Insurance companies like all state and state farm show you pictures of people just like you who get into crazy accidents..and what happens if they’re not covered…

Then they throw in something like “are you covered?”

Or “it can happen to you”

You follow me so far?

Next paint a picture of this scenario for them…

But like any good movie you will need a hero that saves their sorry ass.

That’s where your product comes in.

You use association to link your product or service with the solution to their problem.

You do know how to use association to paint pictures in the minds of your readers correct?

Think about this.

Look at a mens car magazine.

What do you see on the cover?

I know it’s a car dumb dumb..

But what else do you see?

Some barely dressed big boobed young hottie.

Now what the hell does she have to do with rebuilding your 454 big block?

Absolutely nothing.

But on a subconscious level it says that if you have a nice looking car then pretty women will find your low self esteem having ass attractive.

They don’t have to tell you that.

You pick it up with your subconscious.

It flies right past your critical thinking conscious.

Direct..and indirect…

Association…learn how to use it..or pay me to show you how…your choice.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

Grab your Free report that teaches beginners the exact same list marketing system

that every guru on the planet uses to make money on autopilot


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