“Your Opt In List Will continue To Grow At A Snails Pace Unless You Can Answer This One Question”

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It’s sunday…and my weekend is going great.

How’s yours..

on second thought…

never mind…

We’ll move on to the matter at hand.

And what exactly is that matter?

It’s that of getting new subscribers added to your opt in list.

But since you’re doing such a great job of getting new subscribers..I thought you might could use a fresh idea.


How about that squeeze page of yours…

How well is it doing at converting lurkers into subscribers?

Or how about grabbing their attention.

One of the first rules of high conversion rates is getting attention.

If you can’t even get their attention then how in the hell do you expect to convert them into becoming regular readers of your list.

But you already know the tricks of the trade for getting peoples attention…right?

Well… read this one twice and add it in with the rest of your tricks.

To get attention you will have to answer a couple of different questions.

One of which is the one I’m going to reveal to you now.


How well you answer that question with your squeeze page will determine if they deposit their email address with you later on.

Don’t answer that question and you can kiss them goodbye.

Your chance of conversion drops to a big fat zero when there is no one there to convert.

Always will……

Folks this isn’t rocket science.

Follow my lead here with this blog.

Drop an emotional bomb on your readers with your headlines.

I love doing that.

Then throw in your products biggest benefit.

Show me what I will get from your product or service.

How will I go from living in the shit house to that of living in the lovely house on the hill.

There is a warning though.

I shouldn’t even tell you this…but what the hell…

I like helping stray puppies from time to time.

You don’t want your promises to be too outrageous.

That never goes over well with readers.

Unless……ah..you didn’t expect that did ya.

Unless you have proof to back up your claim which you must share immediately after giving the promise.

“You can make 10,000 a month right from your kitchen table.

Here’s how Tom G. of Portland Oregon did it. blah blah blah.”

See smarty pants..you figured out that by throwing in a testimonial right after making an outrageous claim you can begin to turn doubt in your readers mind into belief.

Testimonials from a third party are far more believable and always given more weight by your reader than if you just came out and tooted your own horn.

When your product does actually give you outrageous results….

Then you’ve got to follow that formula I just mentioned.


Because one of your goals is to give them a reason why they should give up their email address to you.

So do me this favor.

Keep your mouth shut about what you’ve just learned here.

It’s important.

How come?

Because the more people who know about it and use it..then the quicker it’s ability to work on your readers is reduced.

But you already know that right?


That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

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