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well, it’s here…

You’ve probably herd all the buzz about the black mask project.

But really…what’s all the fuss about.

If you knew what I knew about it…you wouldn’t be so surprised.

Well…now you can.

But for free.

I wouldn’t even think of charging you for this information.

I’ve put together a free report for you.

Just leave the report as is and give it away to your readers or subscribers or whomever you choose.

Also..take notice of the handy little gem I placed in there for you at the bottom.

It’s about another free report I’m working on that you will be getting as well.

I’ll let you know when it’s released…so stay tuned.


—-Begin article here—–


Black hat,


Black mask…




Take a quick sniff…..


You smell it?


You should,


Because right now if you’ve had your email inbox flooded with offers of this black mask black hat…


Or whatever the hell they want to call it offer…


Then you will want to hear what I’m about to say.


What I’m about to EXPOSE to you….


What You’re about to Uncover will let you see the truth.


And the truth is this.


The only Black Mask Tactics that are being revealed are the ones he’s using to get a group of struggling,


No wait…check that….


A group of failing —> wanna be online entrepreneurs who honestly believe that there is something being held from them to take him up on his offer.


That their success or lack of success is because of some behind closed door techniques that the gurus have kept under lock and key.


And now…


Someone has decided to risk it all to tell you…


And are:


** The person who has yet to even establish a monthly recurring subscription income…


** The person who has yet to bring in a 4 figure income from adsense


** The person who has yet to generate a steady stream of visitors to your blog..


Yes… you will now know the secrets.


You of all people will be given the golden key.




–>Your fear of failure drives you to move away from failure.<–


You’ll move right into the hands of the person who offers…


Or who promises to remove that failure from you.


And the so called guru’s have figured this out.


Like herding cattle…they can get you to go where they want you to without you even knowing it.


To prove to you that I’m not bull shitting you here..


Take a quick walk with me.


Check your inbox…


Or better yet…check your own memory…


Deep down you know that I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know.


How many times have you been pitched a product that has promised to be some kind of secret that’s being kept from you that they will suddenly reveal.


Then within six months of the first product coming out.


It’s Oooops..


In the first product…we left out something.


And without it…


you could achieve some success…


But to really make it big…and I’m talking about quit your day job and travel the world big…then you will need the missing part..


Or you will need the new updated version…


To crank out even more cash for your bank account.


Ahhhh…good old greed…


Oh and let us not forget the art of “button pushing”


And what else….




Google the word propaganda….


Add in a little word called,




And you’ve got a winner.


Quick lesson.***


Association can be used like this.


If you know what a person wants, needs, or desires….


Then if you find a way to associate those things that they want with your product


Then KaChing…


A sell is made.


President Bush used Weapons of mass destruction, evil doers, murder, death destruction…


He used all of those words to ASSOCIATE with Saddam Hussein.


How come?


So when he dropped a MOAB on him…


then you’d be less likely to be upset.


Innocents killed?


Yeah…but they had to do that in order to get rid of the evil doers.


Clever association.


The untrained mind never saw it coming.


But not you. know this already…


You’ve just never had no one explain it to you like I just did.


Like I’m doing now.


When you can understand that…


This next part is important so pay close attention.


When you can understand that all of us…


In some shape or form are curious about the unknown.


A man on the moon…Did life once exist there?


Does the loc ness monster exist?




Is he really walking around somewhere deep in the mountains…


And when you combine that with the fact that whenever we experience failure..


When we don’t achieve what we set out to achieve…


We’re far less likely to blame ourselves for it then we are to blame someone else or the circumstances that lead to our lack of success.


You’ve just learned something there.


So read that little sentence again.


“It wasn’t my fault the machine broke down and we lost 6 hours of production. You guys should stop buying cheap equipment, and this wouldn’t happen.”


It’s this quirk in our nature that allows marketers to come in an exploit you.


Surely your failure to make any significant money with adsense is because no one ever taught you the right way to do it.


What they taught you was just the general stuff.


They kept the real secrets for themselves.


If only you had been taught the correct steps then you could have easily made money online right?


There goes another $77 buckaroos to find out.


So…what’s the point of this report.


What am I selling?




I’m selling you back to yourself.


Once you understand that the success that you want…


The success that you are searching for is already here.


It’s right beside you.


You have just to put enough stock into your own abilities.


Success is never tied to a product.


How come?


Because products are only the tools that are there to support you in what you do.


It’s 1+1 = 2


You + the product = success


You can buy product after product, and still never achieve success.


Because the most important part of the formula that determines your success is YOU.


You can always replace the products you use…


But you can never replace you.


Test me..


Ask people you know.


Ask them how many products they’ve bought that they been able to generate a small fortune off of.


You’ll find that there are far more people who’ve bought some new voodoo product and never really achieved any success than there are people who made the purchase and achieved what the product promised.


So understand this little tip.


In a few months…another new product will come out that promises to reveal something, or make you a small fortune or whatever.


But in every new’s you that will determine your own success.


And if you’re not pointed in the right direction you will never grab success by the horns.


This is why the weight loss industry makes billions.


It’s because they’ve figured out that in order to achieve a healthy body…you have to do your part.


And if you’re not ready to do so..


Then you will buy product after product that promises to help you loose weight.


The missing factor that will determine your success is discipline.


Which in most people is lacking.


So they serve you product after product.


Knowing that your desire will never fully go away until you finally achieve what you want.




I can make more money off of you by just only addressing part of your problem.


If I fully solve your problem then there goes the money train.


Tsk, tsk tsk…


I can go on and on…


But I think I’ve said enough.


You, can only take advantage of a product if first..


You’ve built a better you.


Build a better you..and it doesn’t matter if a product is black hat, black mask, or white hat.


You’ll always be in a better position to win the game.


That’s all for now…


Keir Smith

And coming soon…another free report for you called

“The Marketing Genius”

Ask the person who gave you this free report to keep you posted on when it’s released.


—-End report here———-



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